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Our company began doing business as "Richard Vang Information Services" in 1997. From the beginning we realized that were dealing with more than just data and information, so we conceived of the "Upstate Chunk & Paradigm Company" web site as a pseudonymous front for our multi-disciplinary operations. We realized then that information is connected to our daily life and operations in more ways than we normally percieve.

From 2002 to 2005, we suspended many of the original d/b/a operations. During this underground period, we expanded our portfolio of skills by working on government projects and private ventures. The experiences of this period resulted in a new vision for the company, and in 2006, Upstate Chunk & Paradigm Company, LLC was formally established.


the company name

Our name was conceived from our beginnings as an information consultant. Since information can come in many forms and is delivered by many types of media, we wanted our name to convey our fundamental focus on information as the building block of all communication. No matter what you do, you cannot accomplish your task without receiving and transmitting information. If your information is deficient, your results will be too.

But the human brain can only absorb so much, and we try to make our (and your) information as simple and concise as possible. Far from being a vulgarity, the "chunk" portion of our name comes from the theory of chunking, which is the idea that a large amount of information is more easily communicated and retained when broken down into smaller "chunks". This concept is not really new; the Art of Memory has been utilized by orators since Classical times.

We are dreamers with unorthodox ideas, but we are also practical in our approach to solving problems. Many times, to solve a problem, we need a new way of thinking about it. But that doesn't mean that the problem -- or the solution -- has to be viewed as overwhelmingly complex or insurmountable. Sometimes our clients get caught in this trap, and even exhibit the desire to merely appear complex and sophisticated to their customers and competitors, without really understanding the fundamental nature of their situation.

We don't believe in doing things or solving problems the same way other companies do. Usually, the solution to the problem is simple and brutally honest. With so many new technologies and ways of reorganizing and manipulating information, we help our customers to look at themselves differently and to achieve a new operating paradigm.

In short, the Upstate Chunk & Paradigm Company recycles old information to produce new ideas.


about richard vang

Richard Vang has been working in the information science field since 1979.


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