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of these united colonies are

entreated to attend a town

meeting, wherein the Honourable

John Adams, Esq.

John Adams, Esq.

will speak on the utmost need

and importance of

declaring independence

from the mother country


A Twon Meeting With John Adams

David Schuler as John Adams Relive the passion, arrogance, impulsiveness, brilliant statesmanship, and patriotic fervor that is John Adams.

Mr. Schuler’s historical, theatrical, first-person portrayal of our second president weaves together important events in Adams’ life with humorous stories that help to illuminate this founding father’s invaluable contributions to the birth of our nation: helping to plant the seeds of rebellion, helping to push for independence, helping to forge a new nation, and helping to guide the young republic in its early years as a free and independent country.

This portrayal of John Adams—farmer, lawyer, patriot, Congressman, diplomat, vice-president and president—is presented as though Adams has come to visit your school or organization.  The program content is well researched, based on the scholarly work of Joseph Ellis, Peter Shaw, Page Smith and the definitive Adams papers edited by L. H. Butterfield among others. Schuler’s own interest in John Adams first develped in 1986 when he was asked to portray the firery patriot in Peter Stone’s musical version of the fight for independence, 1776. Through additional intensive reading and studying of Adams’ diaries and enormous letter correspondence with his wife, Abigail, and Thomas Jefferson, Schuler has acquired considerable knowledge not only about Adams’ life and family, but also about colonial life, the Revolutionary War, period politics, food, and fashions of the times. This helps make the question and answer sessions which often follow the assemblies and classroom visits intriguing, engaging and entertaining.

By incorporating the importance of education and emphasizing the values of honesty, sincerity, integrity and justice into the fabric of this biographical portrait, Schuler embodies the essence—the passion and the wisdom—of this fascinating man.

Assemblies and/or classroom visits can be customized to the following specific topics:

Schedule your visit today and revel in the passion and wisdom of this revolutionary patriot.

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