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John Adams
John Adams
Robert Burns
Robert Burns


Welcome to Patriotic Portraits! Look no further for historical re-enactments steeped in history.   Relive the lives, passions, writings, politics and songsof two of history's most important characters: John Adams and Robert Burns.  Actor and theatrical scholar David Schuler provides glimpses of the past through these entertaining, humorous, and informative one-man performances.  To invite history into your classroom or organizational event, follow the links below for more information on Patriotic Portraits.

"David Schuler’s portrayal of John Adams is outstanding! His training in acting and knowledge of history combine to make this self-assured, fiery, emotion-filled patriot come alive with every ounce of passion and commitment he has for our young nation’s independence."

"This is living history at its best."

Elaine Berner, Gifted Education, Monroe 2 BOCES, Spencerport, New York


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Biography on David Schuler

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